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Acoustic Metasurfaces with Frieze Symmetries

D.B. Moore, T.A. Starkey, G.J. Chaplain. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 155(1):568-574 2024. data

Acoustic surface modes on metasurfaces with embedded next-nearest-neighbor coupling

D.B. Moore, J.R. Sambles, A.P. Hibbins, T.A. Starkey, G.J. Chaplain. Physical Review B 107:144110 2023. data

Confined acoustic line modes within a glide‐symmetric waveguide

D.B. Moore, G.P. Ward, J.D. Smith, A.P. Hibbins, J.R. Sambles, T.A. Starkey. Scientific Reports 12(1):10954 2022. data

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